Handle List & Array of Rest Parameters

ECMAScript 6 introduced a new feature called “Rest Parameters” which allow us to represent an indefinite number of arguments as an array. For exmaple the last parameter of function, others was prefixing with 3 dots .... This means all following arguments will be filled in others as... [Read More]

Try RxJS in Node.js

Reactive Extension (Rx), which is introduced by Microsoft, is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs, by using observable, observer with LINQ-style query operators. If LINQ is the first generation on how people deal with data, Rx should be next generation. In LINQ, everything can be considered... [Read More]

Partial Class in JavaScript

We should NOT write a lot of code inside one file, or in one class, not only in JavaScript in theory. But in practice we might need to write a huge class. I know in C# we can split one class in multiple files, which they called partial class. How... [Read More]

Compile Node.js Application

Recently I was working on a project to make our production, Worktile Pro, to be able to on-premise deploy. Besides some code changes one of the problem we were facing is how to protect our source code. This can be resolved by compiling to binary. There are some tools... [Read More]

ES7 Async/Await in Node.js with Babel.js

Our production Worktile Pro was built based on Node.js 0.12 when we firstly developed and at that moment we tried our best to prevent our code from the style below. Which is usually called Callback Hell. But things have been got changed since we... [Read More]

More Deeper about 'this' in ES6 Arrow Function

When I’m developing Worktile Pro with ES6 and ES7, arrow function is one of features I like most. This makes me to use arrow function as anywhere as I could. But I also encountered some problem by using it. For example, in one my previous post, I found... [Read More]

Import & Export in ES6 with Node.js & Babel.js

ES6 introduced a new way to organize modules. It’s different from CommonJS and AMD we are currently using, which through the new keywords import and export. It still NOT being supported by the latest version of Node.js. But fortunately we can leverage Babel.js to play... [Read More]